Senior League Team announcement

Congratulations to the following 14 players named in the Metro Senior League team to compete in the 2017 QLD State Titles. We have also named 1 shadow who will train with the team.

Metro team in alphabetical order:

Brandan Bidois
Mac Butler
Ben Craig
Tom De Loryn
James Franco
Luisa Gauci
Lachlan Hyde
Takumi Kimoto
Joshua Marriott
Angelo Natale
Franco Natale
Brock Preston
Jordan Reedman
Alex Skepton


Ed Hope

Junior League Team announcement

Congratulations to the following 14 players who have been named in the Metro Junior League team to compete in the 2017 QLD State Titles. We have also named 2 shadows who will train with the team.

Metro team in alphabetical order:

Joshua Anthony
Sam Campion
Joseph Field
Finn Fraser
Dominic French
Bailey Jackson
Tommy Kenyon
Tim Preston
Lachlan Roberts
Harry Smythe
Jesse Vankan
Jacob Walker
Joel Wilson
Xavier Weier


Gabriel Valdez-Cadena
Ryne Zaryc

Boost Post

Little League Team announcement

Congratulations to the following 14 players on selection into the Metro Little League team for the 2017 QLD State Titles held April 6 – 9 2017.

We have also named 2 shadow players who will train with the team in the lead up to the tournament. We will be in touch regarding training in January. 

Go well, go Metro!


Metro Team in alphabetical order.


Eton Calder

Jack Fuller

Jackson Grounds

Robert Harris

Connor Hartung

Angus Hughes

Parker Lovering

Max McCaw

Jock Millar

Raul Romero

Rubens Romero

Jett Raven

Hope Vankan

Ben Walmsley




Spencer Aizelwood

Keenan Smith

Player Performance Progress Feedback sessions and the Team Selection Process

I would like to draw your attention to a couple of key points regarding the Qualifying Games currently underway in the Brisbane Metro Region.

This weekend, the Brisbane Metro Regional Director of Coaching - Nick Bachono will be providing feedback to each child and their parents/guardian, currently participating in the Qualification Games on their progress thus far. This is an opportunity for you to gain some individual feedback on the performance of your child and discuss areas of development that your child may benefit from.

These sessions will last for approx 5 minutes per player/family due to the large number of players currently participating.

Should you require any additional feedback post this session, Nick will be happy to address on an individual basis.

We will be conducting these feedback sessions during the warm up hour prior to the games commencing. A schedule is currently being developed and will be emailed before the weekend.

There has also been a number of questions about the selection process. Once we have completed the Qualification Games, a selection panel will be formed, in line with the existing Brisbane Metro policy. This policy allows for the Selection Panel to include, the Head Coach of the team, the Brisbane Metro Regional Director of Coaching and myself.

I trust that the above addresses some of your questions.

Kind Regards

David Preston

Junior League and Senior League process


Greetings everyone,

By now you have received an email from Gavin French, the Competition Coordinator, on details of the progression of the qualifying comps.

Firstly, can I apologise for the delay in providing you all with the details to assist you in planning your busy schedules.

The intention was to provide you with an interim communique on Wednesday however circumstances prevented us doing that.

Metro sought to conduct the competition with the top performing 14 + 2 shadows from Junior league playing off against the like team from Senior League. All other children who were unsuccessful in attaining a role in the named teams were to continue playing in the competition as an ongoing development opportunity.

The reason for this radical change in the way in which we conducted this competition was to provide the very best lead up opportunity, particularly in the areas of team development and cohesion, for the selected Metro representative teams as they work towards the State titles in April 2017.

Unfortunately, interpretation of the Little League International Rules and the ensuing conversations with Baseball Queensland, leave us little choice but to conduct the qualifying competition in a similar fashion to last year.

I trust this explains the situation and provides answers to any questions that may arise. We now look forward to successful qualifying competition, the selection of competitive representative teams and a successful State Titles for the children.

Kind regards

David Preston

Queensland State Representatives U16 and U18

Congratulations to all players selected to represent Queensland in the upcoming National Championships in Sydney in January 2017.  In particular, congratulations to the following Metro players.

Under 16s

Mac Butler

Brandan Bidois

Takumi Kimoto

Angelo Natale

Franco Natale

Alex Skepton

Tim Preston (shadow)


Under 18s

Ray Easton

James Franco

Matthew Roberts

Rory Spletter

Matthew Watson

Ethan Wenban


Congratulations to you all on a fine achievement and good luck at the Nationals.  


Go well, go Metro

2017 Queensland Bandits U16 Training Squad

Congratulations to the following Brisbane Metro players who have been selected in the 2017 Queensland Bandits State U16 Training Squad:
- Mac Butler
- Brandan Bidois
- Takumi Kimoto
- Josh Marriott
- Angelo Natale
- Franco Natale
- Tim Preston
- Jordan Reedman
- Alex Skepton.
It is fantastic to see so many Brisbane Metro players rewarded. You are sure to do us proud. Congratulations to you all on a wonderful achievement.

Congratulations Queensland Schools 14U representatives

Congratulations to Brisbane Metro players Tim Preston and Jack Walmsley who travel to Sydney on the 30th of September representing Queensland in the National Schools 14U tournament.


Well done to you both on your achievements so far and good luck to the Queensland team.




Well done to the Brisbane Metro U16 team, led by head coach Nick Bachono and Assistant Coach Nev Brockie, on winning the 2016 U16 State Championship. Congratulations to all the players involved - you represented yourselves, your clubs and your region brilliantly and you all have every reason to be proud of your efforts and achievements.  Your personal commitment to the program and the team paved the way to success.

A big thank you to the parents of this group - your support has made these achievements possible.

Thank you to the players and officials from the other regions and the many volunteers that are not thanked nearly enough.

Of course, thank you to Baseball Queensland for running this imporant tournament that serves as the foundation for State selection.

And finally a very well deserved special mention to Redlands Rays baseball club for being wonderful hosts in very trying and difficult weather conditions.  Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the success of the tournament.









All current members of Carina Redsox, Hendra All Stars, Pine Hills Lightning and Windsor Royals are invited to attend a Special AGM of the Brisbane Metro Region. The purpose of the Special AGM is to present the financial records for the past year.

The Special AGM will be followed by a regular Committee meeting.

If you wish to discuss any aspect, please feel free to contact any Committee member listed below.


President:                   David Preston                 0466 308 343

Vice President:            Gavin French                  0412 346 112        

Secretary:                    David Wilson                  0421 062 546

RESCHEDULED SAGM 27 September 2016 Pine Hills 7pm

The Special AGM to finalise the region's 2015/2016 accounts has been rescheduled to 7pm Tuesday 27 September 2016 at Pine Hills. Following the SAGM, the regular monthly Metro committee meeting will take place. 

Announcement of Metro U18 squad

Congratulations to the following players who have been chosen to represent Brisbane Metro at the U18 State Titles.  In random order:

Matthew Roberts

Matthew Watson

Jeremy Everett

Jesse Barnes

Aiden Schumacher

Ray Easton

Ethan Wenban

Ryan Woodrow

Spencer Costanza

Tom Caine

Tyler Sharman

Dylan Grant

Chris Pilkington

James Franco

Rory Spletter

Brock Preston


Details regarding training etc will be communicated very soon.


Well done to all involved.



Announcement of U16 and U18 State Title coaching staff

Metro is pleased to announce the coaching staff for the upcoming U16 and U18 State Titles


U16 Head Coach - Nick Bachono

Assistant Coach - Nev Brockie

Pitching Coach - TBA

Executive Officer - TBA


U18 Head Coach - Matt Gates

Assistant Coach - Criag Roberts

Pitching Coach - Keith Wenban

Executive Officer - Ann-maree Schumacher




We would also like to wish the best of luck those players participating in the trials this weekend. Go well, Go Metro.

2016-2017 Brisbane Metro Contacts

President: David Preston  0466 308 343

Vice President: Gavin French 

Secretary: David Wilson 0421 062 546

Treasurer: John Moore

Registrar: Joanne Jackson 


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